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Welcome to the first Ayurvedic health clinic in Iceland. We are honoured to be able to offer you ancient 6000 year old traditional Ayurveda health services.
Your first option is to book an appointment with our resident Ayurvedic doctor. This will enable us to give you a complete evaluation of your vata, pitta and kapha doshas and a full understanding and diagnosis of your health problems.
We are dedicated to addressing the unique demands of Iceland's environment. Our offerings are meticulously curated to support physical and mental health.
We integrate the excellence of Ayurvedic therapies with the wisdom of Patanjali Vedic knowledge and Vedic astrology.
Thereby offering a very special personalized approach that resonates with each individual’s pursuit of holistic health.
To make your appointment to experience the world’s first Vedic Magnesium therapy with Ayurvedic massage treatments.
Before any treatment commences this form has to be filled in. Which gives the doctor a complete evaluation of your body.
This can be done by clicking the link below and filling in our Ayurskaan evaluation form, it takes approximately 20 minutes:

Importance of Ayurvedic massage:
Ayurvedic panchakarma massage therapy stands at the forefront of your treatment in the clinic.
Cleansing the digestive tract, stand out, as vital treatment for everyone. Additionally, digestive tract cleansing, which includes removing of toxins (called ama) from the digestive tract, including the stomach, intestines and colon.

Iceland is the Ideal destination for Ayurvedic health tourism in Europe:
Iceland, with its pristine natural beauty and unique challenges, emerges as the ideal destination for Ayurvedic health treatments in Europe.
It offers the purist water and freshest air on the planet and you will live longer.

Vedic Magnesium Therapy:
Why? Because 80% of the population are deficient in magnesium. This has a major effect on the body. As It is unable to metabolise vitamins D & B.
But its main effect is activating vitamin D without, which, most illnesses are caused.
• Anecdotal effects of Vedic Magnesium therapy.
• ADHA & Fibromyalgia symptoms drop 40/50%.
• Substantial improvements in cancer care, symptoms stabilised.
• Severe pain stabilised within 15/20 minutes.

• Covid-19 patients stabilised.
• Patients' deep sleep patterns increased.
• Diabetes type 2 stabilised within 4 weeks.
• Severe headache/migraines stabilised 15/20 minutes.
• Many patients have transitioned from opioids pain killers to Vedic
magnesium therapy and much, much more.
• Major changes in dementia and autism patients.
• Vedic Magnesium therapy will keep you alive longer and in good health.

• Vedic Magnesium therapy the elixir of life. It's an effective antidepressant in raising the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin.
It generates ATP within your mitochondria and gives an energy boost to 300 enzymes.

Suggested Therapy for an Ayurvedic Lifestyle:
In a subtle manner, it's important to note that the Icelandic population heavily relies on non-vegetarian food, liquor, and smoking.
Ayurvedic massages, Marma frequency therapy and dietary recommendations are tailored to individual constitutions.
It offers a personalized approach to health, aligning with dietary habits and lifestyle choices, making it adaptable and effective for the whole population.
Ayurveda treatments not only addresses the physical and mental challenges posed by the environment but also provides a harmonious and sustainable approach to well-being.

Your Ayurvedic Doctor visit:
Ayurvedic Health evaluation.
Using the world’s first full body prakriti evaluation software from Ayurskaan.
We are able to diagnose your body type and see revalent illnesses.
Click here.

Your Ayurvedic Herbal Remedy:
From the above evaluation and a personalised visit to the doctor.
A full herbal prescription remedy will be given. Initially for up to 30 days, some illnesses may take longer.

Vedic Magnesium therapy:
As most of the population are deficient in magnesium.
This therapy is required for a lifetime and consists of taking our Vedic magnesium monthly:

Abhyanga or snehana Massage:
Full body relaxing massage therapy.
(recommendation at least once per week for 3 months)
Abhyanga or snehana means to nurture using herbal warm oil therapy treatments.

Two hand 10000kr/45mins. 15000kr 60mins.


Shirodhara warm oil head therapy:
Warm oil on forehead. Reduces fatigue, very beneficial for sleep problems, boosts blood circulation, helps stabilise headaches, lowers stress and anxiety, improves concentration.



Indian Head Marma frequency therapy:
acupressure head massage, treats head, shoulders, neck and face primarily used to manipulate subtle energy and reduces stress and anxiety.


Vishesha a vigorous deep tissue therapy:
Relaxes and removes toxins. Energise and stimulate the body, muscle and joint pain relief, drain lymph system, improve blood circulation, remove excess toxins, general detoxification and lastly stimulates your internal organs.
Two hand 10000kr/45mins. 15000kr 60mins.

Patangali Pranayama breathing techniques. Prana:
8 sacred breathing techniques used to expand your bodies aura and consciousness.
Never before disclosed.


Patangali meditation technique training:
DrRobert master scholar spent 7 years re-translating Patanjali Yoga sutras.
This amazing journey found untold, never seen before consciousness techniques, giving new experiences to gain realization this lifetime.
What does it do?
Gives you the ability to switch on your intuition permanently, allowing you to acquire correct knowledge without proof,
evidence or conscious reasoning and no understanding of how or where it came from.
All from one sutra “samyama” three in one. Used by ancient yogis for superhuman powers.
The next step up from meditation mantras.
Used by Indian yogis for millennia to perform superhuman powers.
You will feel the difference from the first instruction.

The course led by guradarshanam includes 3 one hour sessions.
When complete you will have all the knowledge you need for the rest of your life.
As your consciousness evolves you may take may get get guidance from gurudarshanam.
50000kr 3 one hour sessions,

Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching, In classroom teaching
• Pranayama (breathing techniques Prana).
• Ayurvedic lifestyle (food, diet, sleeping)
• Ayurvedic herbal treatments.
• Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle


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